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"Moral Compass" | Hunting Trip Gone Wrong

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

"Moral Compass" is a short film by Binc Film. Filmed in Minnesota during August of 2021, Moral Compass is the first of many short films by Binc Film. Writer, Director and owner of Binc Film, Michael Darwin Berg, set out to film a cinematically driven drama that would test the viewers' own moral compass.

In this ten minute long short film, you will follow the path of Austin (played by Aaron Kalahar) and his friend Levi (played by Avery Stassen) as they go on a hunting trip together. Austin is struggling from a long term relationship ending and Levi takes him hunting for the first time for a friend's weekend away from reality.

When the two separate to follow a noise heard deep into the woods, Austin's nerves overpower his judgement and he makes an unforgiveable mistake. The dilemma Austin is left with is to call for help and potentially spend the rest of his life in prison, or to keep it a secret and live the rest of his life within his own mental prison.

Production began and ended in August of 2021 with a very small production crew. Moral Compass was filmed near St. Cloud, Minnesota about 60 miles Northwest of Minneapolis, Minesota.

The original soundtrack was composed by Binc Film's very own Eric Gordon Berg.

Watch "Moral Compass" and ask yourself, which would you do?

Written by: Michael Darwin Berg

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