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The Worst Movie Ever Made | General Idea

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

"The Worst Movie Ever Made" is a short film about the making of a fake super hero movie.

In September of 2021, Binc Film was set to begin filming their second short film titled "The Farm". The Farm is a horror film about two brothers travelling to their father's cabin during the holidays. Amidst a snow storm, they are forced to stop at a BNB in the middle of nowhere.

Production was halted when the main character (Raymond Edel) was going to be called to Kansas for military reasons. As a result, Michael Darwin Berg and Eric Gordon Berg were forced to change direction in order to complete a fall film in time. Eric, in the last days leading up to production, came up with an idea that had transpired from many years ago, General Idea.

General Idea is a super hero. His super power is that in any circumstance, he has a general idea of how things work. Not much of a super hero, am I right? However, it made for a hilarious comedy.

Binc Film started production on September 4, 2021, and wrapped in just one day. The entire film was based on a last minute idea and filming was improv. Most of the actors in this film were crew members and had no prior acting experience.

The crew had to come up with character names for everyone in the film. These characters are all fictional, yet play on real famous people's fake relatives. Jeremy Vadnais played the director "Carl Nolan" (Christopher Nolan's FAKE brother). Aaron Kalahar played the producer "Devin Feige" (Kevin Feige's FAKE brother), as well as many other easter eggs for characters.

If you ever wondered how poorly a film set could go, check out "The Worst Movie Ever Made" and have a laugh.

Written by: Michael Darwin Berg

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